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Description of work

- Task 4.0: WP coordination (WP leader: PT-DESY)

- Task 4.1: An investigation of formal and legal barriers for a future European wide cooperation (Task leader: PT-DESY)

Based on the census program managers and administrators shall discuss how national astrophysics programs are run and identify formal and legal barriers that may hinder pan-European cooperation. Legal, institutional and organisational aspects need to be well understood in order to be able to develop procedures and rules which are compatible with national systems.

Contact: Franz-Josef Zickgraf

- Task 4.2: Establish common evaluation procedures and standards for projects and infrastructures (Task leader: PT-DESY)

In order to be able to carry out coordinated activities on European level, a number of workshops shall be organized to provide ASTRONET participants and other interested agencies in Europe a forum to discuss common evaluation procedures and standards for such activities.

Contact: Franz-Josef Zickgraf

- Task 4.3: Test implementation of a coordinated European research programme (Task leader:NWO)

To improve the level of co-operation, the results and tools developed in Tasks 4.1 and 4.2 shall be applied to proceed towards the ultimate goal of ASTRONET, a common European-wide call for proposals in a domain that has been identified to provide a European added value for astrophysics.

Contact: Frank Molster

- Task 4.4: Evaluation of the results of the common call and suggestions for the evolution of procedures (Task leader: NWO)

Launching new calls will benefit from an evaluation of the first call, which is viewed as a test call. The emphasis will have to be made on possible evolutions of procedures, but also on the possibility of involving more partners in the call. The results and recommendations following from the evaluation shall be discussed during a workshop involving also ASTRONET partners not participating in the first call with the aim to reach a broad agreement on the procedures to be applied in future joint calls. This will enable, on the long term, to strengthen the level of cooperation at the European level and improve the tools developed in Tasks 4.1 and 4.2, and tested during task 4.3.

Contact: Frank Molster

- Task 4.5: Second test implementation of a coordinated European research programme (Task leader: PT-DESY)

To strengthen the level of co-operation developed in Task 4.3, the results and tools developed in Tasks 4.1 and 4.2, and evaluated and improved in Task 4.4 shall be used again for launching a second common call. Building on the experience gained during the first call and making use of the recommendations and follow-up actions of WP2 and WP3 we aim at involving in addition to the participants of the first call as many new participating countries/agencies as possible. The second call will allow us to test the sustainability of our tools and to lift the procedures to a different, wider scale.

Contact: Franz-Josef Zickgraf

  Coordinated actions Latest Events
  • Past events :

    22-09-2008: The ASTRONET Joint Call Board recommends 5 proposals for funding by the national funding agencies. Read more.


    01-02-2008: The call ("Common Tools for Future Large sub-mm Facilities") is now closed. Read more.

    18 September 2007 :

    Joint call workshop (The Hague, The Netherlands).

    July 2007 :
    • Report on the status quo of research processing and funding.
    • Report on formal, legal and administrative barriers that may hinder European wide cooperation in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

    6, 7 February 2007 :

    Workshop "Towards a ’Toolbox’ for a Joint Call" (Hamburgh).

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