ASTRONET FP6 contract ended on 31 December 2010. Building on the success of the FP6 programme European Commission has awarded a grant of 1,6 million Euro to ASTRONET for FP7. The objectives of the new ASTRONET are:
- to establish a permanent mechanism for planning and coordination in European astronomy;
- to follow-up and implement the Roadmap. The goal here is to build the new facilities that are needed to reach our scientific goals and at the same time optimise existing programmes in scientific as well as financial terms – not only joint facilities such as those of ESO or ESA, but a range of national resources as well;
- to narrow the scientific and – in particular - technology gaps between the European countries;
- We finally intend to establish a regularly updated data base with key information on the financial and human resources available to astronomy in all European countries, as well as the structure and governance of astronomical research in each country.