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The ASTRONET project covers 4 main activities, organized by Work Packages:

1) Networking : ASTRONET deals with the exchange of information between all relevant partners in European astronomical research. A prime goal is to establish regular coordination between programme managers throughout European astronomy. Two of the important tasks are to integrate new participants early in the life of ASTRONET, and to define mechanisms to initiated Europe-wide, cross disciplinary coordination on a permanent basis.

2) A Science Vision for European Astronomy : The goal of this activity is to prepare a Strategic Vision for the scientific development of European astronomy over the next 15-20 years. The Review will be organised by a Working Group with the active involvement of a wide European astronomical community. In parallel, a global census of European astronomical resources and national strategies will be prepared.

3) An Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy : Based on the “Science Vision”, a strategic plan will be prepared for the coordinated development of major astronomical research infrastructures in Europe. This will include the identification of key enabling technologies and initiate concrete mechanisms to implement the Roadmap.

4) Targeted Coordinated Actions : This activity will identify formal barriers to the further development of Europe-wide cooperation and initiate actions to strengthen astronomy in Europe through the development of coordinated evaluation procedures and eventually a common multi-agency research programme.

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