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Consortium Management

This Work package relates to the overall Project management activities of the Consortium. It will be supervised by the Project Coordinator (CNRS/INSU) and the Project Manager (CNRS/INSU).


- to provide the overall administrative, financial and legal management of the project
- to co-ordinate the technical works of the partners so as to reach the project objectives
- to provide assistance to operational bodies in implementing decisions from the Governing Board
- to provide assistance to the Coordinator in collecting all technical and financial information needed for reporting to the Commission
- to ensure an effective and good flow of information between the Coordinator and partners
- to keep records of all documents produced by partners for internal and external communication.

Description of Work

- Task 5.1: Project management (Task leader: CNRS/INSU)

- Task 5.2: Implementation and maintenance of communication tools (Task leader: CNRS/INSU)


Jan 2006: Project leaflet
Jan 2006: Management plan
March 2006: Plan for using and disseminating knowledge
March 2006: Dedicated website with private and public accesses
March 2007, March 2009: Reports on suggested review of the description of work

Milestones and expected results

Oct 2005: Consortium agreement and contract signed by all partners
Feb 2006: Approval of an operational website by the Consortium


Project Manager: Eric Quémerais
Project assistant: Samuel Costantin
Contractual issues: Elisabeth Kohler