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Consortium Coordination


The main task of this work package will be to prepare and organise the Consortium meetings.

Description of work

Task 6.1: Meetings organisation (Task leader: participant 1, CNRS/INSU)

The Project management office is responsible for preparing and organising the kick-off as well as all ASTRONET Board and Executive Committee meetings.

Milestones and expected results

- Sept 2005: Kick-off meeting
- Sept 2005, March 2006, Sept 2006, March 2007, Sept 2007, March 2008, Sept 2008, March 2009, Sept 2009, March 2010: Consortium meetings

Project Coordinator: Hameury Jean-Marie
Project Manager: Eric Quémerais
Project assistant: Samuel Costantin
Contractual issues: Elisabeth Kohler