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Science Vision

The goal is to establish a global European Science Vision for Astronomy for the next 15-20 years, based on the existing national and regional strategic plans, complemented from analysis of key scientific themes by ad-hoc panels set up by the ASTRONET Board. Where appropriate, we use results obtained by OPTICON and RADIONET JRAs and networking activities.

To establish a global European astronomical Science Vision for the next 15-20 years will be the task of the Science Vision Working Group (SVWG). The field has been divided in four broad science questions:

  1. Do we understand the extremes of the universe?
  2. How do galaxies form and evolve?
  3. How do stars and planets form?
  4. How do we fit in?

The ASTRONET Board has nominated experts that will serve in four panels corresponding to these four questions. The SVWG is composed of the chairpersons and co-persons of the 4 panels and of members at large.

For more information:
- preliminary list of subquestions for each panel
- SVWG membership

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