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Description of work

- Task 3.0: WP Coordination (Task leader: STFC)

This covers the overall coordination of the WP, including the co-ordination required to bring together the separate strands of the scientific vision developed in WP2 into a Roadmap for implementation.

Contacts: Michael Bode

- Task 3.1: Produce a plan for the development of European Astronomy over the next 10-20 years “the Roadmap’’ (Task leader: STFC)

It will establish advisory panels to consider the diverse infrastructure necessary to deliver the Science Vision. The panels will develop a complementary view focusing on the specifications of telescopes, missions and the infrastructure and assessing technology readiness.

Contacts: Michael Bode

- Task 3.2: Identify means to implement the Roadmap (Task leader: CNRS/INSU)

The aim is to co-ordinate ASTRONET participants to produce implementation plans for all facets of the Roadmap. To achieve that, the task leader will interact with agency representatives and with the team that developed the Roadmap.

Contact: Jean-Marie Hameury

- Task 3.2.1: Coordination of existing facilities: 2-4m optical telescopes (Task leader: STFC)

One immediate task following from the Roadmap is to implement the recommendations of the review committee for the smaller telescopes, which will possibly require the creation of a new legal structure for their operation. To this end, ASTRONET will appoint a European Telescope Strategy Review committee. Its objective is to develop a realistic roadmap, including any necessary technical developments and upgrades, and organisational/financial arrangements, which would enable a set of European 2-4m-class telescopes to deliver the best scientific output for European astronomy in a cost-effective manner. Coordination with OPTICON is essential here, and the review committee will develop this strategy in close interaction with the telescope owners - especially through the OPTICON Telescope Director’s Forum - and with extensive feedback from the community at large.

Contact: Janet Drew

- Task 3.2.2: Coordination of existing facilities: Radio telescopes (Task leader: STFC)

In a similar way, the case of existing radio telescopes will have to be addressed, in coordination with RADIONET. The review should start immediately after the conclusion of the optical telescopes review committee, and will build on the experience gained during this process.

- Task 3.2.3: Wide field spectrograph group (Task leader: STFC)

Another important recommendation of the Roadmap is to set up a working group for wide field, highly multiplexed spectrographs to be placed on an existing 8-10m telescope. This working group, set up under the auspices of ASTRONET, with OPTICON, will have the task of (i) developing the top-level requirements of the surveys, (ii) identifying implementation options on a European scale, (iii) establishing the merits of these options with a trade-off analysis and proposing an implementation plan to provide a facility for the whole European community in the 2015-2020 time frame.

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