• ASTRONET Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap – Published !
    The ASTRONET Board is very pleased to announce that the new Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy is now published and can be viewed of downloaded from this site. This represents the completion of several year’s work by a large number of scientists from a wide range of European Astronomy communities.  The report … Lire la suite
  • ASTRONET welcomes new Observers
    In recent months, the ASTRONET Board has been pleased to welcome several new Observers. This brings the overall consortium to 20 members and observers, covering many of the leading Astronomy communities in Europe, both large and modest.  The newest Observers are : The Board looks forward to working with our new colleagues in the coming … Lire la suite
  • Welcome to the new ASTRONET Website!
    The ASTRONET network has been working on a brand new website, launched together with the publication of the ASTRONET Science Vision and Roadmap 2022-2035. We invite all the visitors to take a tour on the different sections: Visitors who wish to add ASTRONET-related content, complete the existing pages and update the website are welcome to … Lire la suite