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Description of work

- Tasks 1.0 WP coordination (Task leader: INAF)

This work package aims at establishing the framework for a durable collaboration between agencies in the astronomy and astrophysics domain.

Contact : Adriano Fontana

- Task 1.1 Systematic exchange of information (Task leader: INAF; NCBiR from 08/2009)

This task aims at establishing a framework for systematic exchange of information between agencies, including those that are not among the participants to the present proposal, but will be integrated in ASTRONET through Task 1.2.

Contacts : Maria Bojanowska

- Task 1.2 Integration of new participants and Associates (Task leader: NOTSA)

All of European astronomy must be involved in defining the strategic plans in order to deploy the resource optimally in the construction, operation, and exploitation of European front-line facilities.

Contact : Johannes Andersen

- Task 1.3 Links with I3, DS and astroparticle physics (Task leader: CNRS/INSU)

The aim is to establish a discussion forum between ASTRONET and astronomy projects funded by the EC (I3, Design Studies, ASPERA ERA-Net); identify and propose a mechanism for the interaction of these bottom up EC sponsored initiatives with WP2 and WP3; establish a forum between ASTRONET and astroparticle physics.

Contact : Jean-Marie Hameury

- Task 1.4 Propose evolutions for ASTRONET (Task leader: CNRS/INSU)

The aim is to propose a permanent mechanism for Europe-wide, cross-disciplinary consultation and coordination to carry the work of ASTRONET forward after the end of the project.

Contact : Jean-Marie Hameury

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