Astronomy coordination for Europe

ASTRONET is a network of European funding organisations and infrastructures, working with the scientific community, to provide a strategic planning mechanism and coordination mechanism for all of European astronomy.

ASTRONET thematic range:

ASTRONET includes the whole astronomical domain: the Solar System to the limits of the observable Universe and from radioastronomy to gamma-rays, theory and computing, virtual observatory and laboratory astrophysics, outreach and training of vital human resources.


  • refresh and implement the Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmaps
  • enhance communication and coordination between existing and planned infrastructures within Europe to include ESA and ESO
  • liaise between Astronet and other European science strategy providers including the EU and ESFRI

ASTRONET is currently active on:

  • Delivering a new Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap
  • Interacting with other advisory bodies for European Astronomy, including APPEC, EAS and the Europlanet Society
  • Supporting EU funding opportunities and programmes, including ESCAPE, AHEAD and ACME (for time domain astronomy)

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