Roadmap community consultation

Request for input: Astronet Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy

Astronet is working on the next Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap to include all aspects of European astronomy, with a view to providing an essential resource for national and multi-national planning in astronomy and related sciences. The first drafts from the Astronet working panels are now available on the website (except for one). Comments, feedback or questions from the community are valuable and helpful in finalising this report. Please use the feedback form to provide your input. Astronet is also consulting with a number of discipline-specific networks within Europe and with those in areas overlapping with Astronomy (such as Astroparticle Physics, Geophysics etc). We are also looking to hold a town hall-type event in the early part of 2021 to update the community and address any issues which have been raised.

The Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap, and its working panels, revolves around the research themes listed below. The reports on the cross-cutting themes is still in progress. We will update the website when they become ready.

The first European Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for Astronomy was created by Astronet, supported by  EU funds, in 2007/08, and updated in 2013/14. The new Science Vision and Roadmap will have an outlook for the next 20 years. A delivery date to European funding agencies in the first half of 2021 is anticipated.