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Astronet Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy


Astronet is working on the next Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap to include all aspects of European astronomy, with a view to providing an essential resource for national and multi-national planning in astronomy and related sciences.

The draft reports from the Astronet working panels are now available on the website. Comments, feedback or questions from the community are valuable and helpful in finalising these reports. Please provide your input to Malcolm (contact below) or direct to the panel chairs.

In addition, the draft of a chapter on computing has been added for comment. Further drafts on Extreme Astrophysics and on Societal Aspects (training, skills, sustainability, environment) will follow shortly.

Astronet is also consulting with a number of discipline-specific networks within Europe and with those in areas overlapping with Astronomy (such as Astroparticle Physics, Geophysics etc). A delivery date for the report to European funding agencies by spring 2022 is anticipated. The first European Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for Astronomy was created by Astronet, supported by  EU funds, in 2007/08, and updated in 2013/14.

The list of members for each working group can be found here.

The reports are available in the table below.



Astronet webinar 11 June 2021 - Defining a science vision and infrastructure roadmap for European Astronomy

As a next step in developing its science vision, Astronet has held an open webinar to present current status and seek further advice from the European astronomical community via the European Astronomical Society (EAS).  The webinar included an overview of the process from the chair of the Astronet Board, with presentations from the panels who have been working on draft sections, and plenty of time for questions.

The webinar was hosted by the EAS and took place on 11 June 2021, from 8h00 to 13h30 UTC (i.e. 9h-14:30h UK, 10h-15h30 CEST).  

Watch the full webinar here.






Draft reports:


Origin and Evolution of the Universe Final report
Formation and Evolution of Galaxies Draft report
Formation and Evolution of Stars Final report
Formation and Evolution of Planetary System Draft report
Understanding the solar system and conditions for life Draft report
Computing - bid data, high performance computing, data infrastructure Final report
Societal aspects – education, public engagement climate action, equality, diversity and inclusion Draft report
Extreme astrophysics Draft report