A self-sustainable organization for European Astronomy

Astronet is a network of European funding agencies and research organisations aiming at encouraging a common science vision for all of European astronomy through delivery of a strategic plan and infrastructure roadmap.

Astronet covers the whole astronomical domain, from the Sun and Solar System to the limits of the observable Universe, and from radioastronomy to gamma-rays and particles, on the ground as well as in space; but also theory and computing, outreach, training and recruitment of the vital human resources. Importantly, Astronet aims to engage all astronomical communities and relevant funding agencies within the new map of Europe.

Astronet has been supported by the European Commission since 2005, as an ERA-NET up to 2015. Despite the formidable challenges of establishing a comprehensive plan, Astronet reached that goal with the publication of its Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmaps, revised and updated in 2014.


Building on this remarkable achievement, ASTRONET is now a self-sustainable group of funding agencies and associated bodies.  Together with taking forward the recommendations of the Science Vision and Roadmap, Astronet will initiate a new review – with the aim of delivering a new long-term vision for European astronomy by 2020.